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Aroma Sales Corporation welcomes you to its world of AROMAS.

At “AROMA” we deal in products that have become an essential part of your day to day life. We provide a wide range of products summing up to 1200 items and counting…which include Aromatic Chemicals, Perfumery Compounds, Resinoids, Aromatherapy Oils & many more….

Our products play an indispensable part in your day to day life as they are present in almost all items you use right from the beginning of your day…

The Refreshing Flavor of Your Morning Tea,

The Fragrance in Your Toiletries,

The Incense Sticks Used In Prayers…..are a few examples from a never ending list of our products.

Aroma Sales Corporation is a name built on trust and confidence of its customers since 1985. Here we work with a prime motive of customer satisfaction and timely service which helps us to strengthen our relations and trust with our customers.

We are involved in both Wholesale and Retail Trade serving our customers all over INDIA.  We provide widest range of aromatic chemicals in North INDIA.